About the Organization

Alternative United is an organization based out of the English Montreal School Board's outreach high school system. In 2012, coaches John Devlin, John Commins and Colin Throness decided they had enough talent between their two alternative schools, Perspectives I and II, to enter a basketball team into the Greater Montreal Athletics Association’s Division 1. It was a long season and the team only managed one victory. The next year, with the addition of Options II coach Paul Berry, the coaches approached the GMAA about letting other alternative schools provide the team with players. The proposal was accepted and Alternative United was born.

The team sourced players from five different schools that year and once again entered the GMAA’s Division 1. Before long this very talented group of athletes made a name for themselves as a passionate, scrappy squad that never quit. They posted 7 wins and 4 losses, making the playoffs in dramatic fashion in the last game of the regular season, before going on to lose narrowly in the quarter finals.