Alternative United continues to organize fundraising initiatives, not only to support their own activities, but also to give back to the community. Previous and ongoing donors include Gatorade, Fondation Alouettes Montreal, John Commins and Christine Lachance. If you’d like to donate directly to our charitable account with the EMSB, or to order Alternative United apparel (jerseys, T-shirts, hoodies) and copies of the Voices anthology, please email


The team is currently organizing a fundraiser for their trip to watch the Toronto Raptors in February 2023. They will donate most of the proceeds to suicide prevention and to a new non-profit organization called Avenues geared towards helping students get connected with community resources after high school.

The team has set out to do 100 shuttle runs, formerly known as “suicide drills”, during every practice for the rest of the season. They will also do a set after every game, inviting other teams from around the league to join them. The Pit Bulls are aiming for a total of 10,000 shuttle runs with the help of the broader community in order to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

You can support the initiative by donating directly to the GoFundMe drive, by ordering a “Run with the Pack” t-shirt (email, or by attending the team’s charity fundraiser game in late January at Collège Brébeuf. Details to come!

For more information about Avenues, visit

Previous Fundraisers and Donors

May of 2015 Alternative United organized an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

Below are some of our generous donors. Thank you very much to everyone who helped out!

  • Silvia Kertesz
  • Crispin Smith
  • Elizabeth Therrien Scanlan
  • Lorraine Levy
  • Marilyn Tobman
  • Sandy Martz
  • Susyn Borer
  • Donald Berry
  • Vincent Paul Walsh
  • J Anthony Boeckh
  • John Commins
  • Monica Dingle
  • Judy Martin
  • Kim Fox
  • Dennis Goguen
  • Louise & Cliff
  • Leonard Borer
  • Gaye Sinclair
  • Clare Brett
  • Arlene Throness
  • Sara Throness
  • Marlene Day
  • S Parasuco
  • Ben Shingler
  • Melissa Proietti
  • Maya Soren
  • Tom Peacock
  • Marc Tetrault
  • Sinead Earley
  • Nikki McMillan
  • Paul Ornstein
  • Maria Civitate
  • Chad Bradley
  • Andy Wright
  • Mary Anne McNally
  • Adam Gardner
  • Marc Tessier
  • Heather Morrison
  • Pamela Bussey
  • Ruby Van Vliet